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Decluttering Transformation

In 2 days Changing Places decluttered and organized a home that was neglected for 9 years!!

Project Description:

  • A young single man inherited a house in Corte Madera that he neglected for 9 years.
  • Over the years clutter accumulated throughout the entire house.
  • The rooms in the home were discombobulated with beds in the garage and the dining room in his study.
  • Our team removed 9 years worth of clutter in 2 days.
  • We created a floor plan using his preexisting furniture to create functional rooms which included moving his dinning room out of his office.
  • We organized his personal belongings and gave him tools to maintain order.

Before our team came to the rescue! 9 years of clutter and disorganization throughout the entire house.       Home transformation in 2 days!!