Business insurance is important to protect customers from unforeseen claims. Not all professional organizers carry more than liability insurance – Changing Places does.

This makes Changing Places unique: we are the only professional organizing company in the Bay Area of our size that carries the following critical insurance policies: 

Changing Places offers worker’s compensation coverage for 100% of our crew. This covers employees in the unlikely event of injury or disability as a result of our work. In the professional organizing industry, most of the very few worker’s compensation claims actually occur when employees are driving to or from work. Our policy provides coverage not only while driving to/from a job, but also on-site at a job.

Professional Organizers, by the nature of our business activity, create “professional liability” exposure. Our Comprehensive General Liability includes Products/Completed Operations, Personal Liability and Advertising Liability. Our policy is specific to include an endorsement concerning Damage to Customer’s Property. This gives our customers complete peace of mind that, in the unlikely and rare case that property is damaged, it is 100% covered by our special policy.

Our bonding policy provides “Third Party Fidelity Coverage” as an enhancement. The policy gives our clients a true sense of security by assuring them that they are “bonded” in the unlikely event of alleged loss by theft.

Venture Garden provides coverage for Changing Places.  Contact them here:

Michael Cosgrave, CIC, CRM
Principal | Chief Risk Officer
300 Broadway St, Suite 21
San Francisco, CA 94133

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