We understand the elegant art of living, harmonizing form and function to transform a house into a home through meticulous room-by-room renovations.  As you reshape your space, we orchestrate the transition, from moving out to moving back in.

Bay Area Home Remodeling

  • Coordinate the move out of affected areas pre-renovation
  • Organize, sort and label belongings for safe storage
  • Locate and set up an on-site, temporary living space during remodeling
  • Manage the hands-on unpacking & settling in process

“We were able to place the completed house on the market in the allotted time and realized 20% over the listed price. The math is recommendation enough but, additionally, Margaret was gracious, fair and efficient.

Pam and Jake Skaer
Peter H. Skaer Trust


alamoMargaret and her team accomplished in one day what would have taken us months.

Jason & Molly
Alamo, CA


WoodsFamily“I cannot recommend Changing Places more highly. They are a professional, efficient and thorough group. What would have taken me weeks to complete they were able to accomplish in two days! They are worth every penny!”

Annie Robinson Woods