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Changing Places transforms a house into a home, managing room-by-room remodeling and renovations. Changing Places will:

  • Hire and oversee fully vetted contractor specialists for all areas of the project
  • Locate and set up temporary living space during clients’ remodeling project
  • Oversee all contractors and subcontractors to ensure each is completed on time and within budget
  • Coordinate client’s move-out of affected areas pre-renovation
  • Organize all areas of the renovated spaces upon completion of remodel


Garage Organization

“We engaged Margaret Walsh to coordinate the remodel of a 5 bedroom home in July 2011…We were able to place the completed house on the market in the allotted time and realized 20% over the listed price. The math is recommendation enough but, additionally, Margaret was gracious, fair and efficient.

Pam and Jake Skaer
Peter H. Skaer Trust