“Not only does Changing Places make your move and home preparation seamless, they help you settle into your new home, manage your renovations and help you accessorize. They are miracle workers and very resourceful and trustworthy. Worth every penny! I am so happy to recommend them!”

Malin Giddings
Compass Realtor

“Thank you so much Kelleigh and Jennifer. The experience with the team was outstanding in every way and fulfilled my highest expectations—which were pretty high because of so many other glowing endorsements! Thank you thank you thank you!”

Kat Taylor, San Francisco

“Changing Places’ white-glove service helps clients transform their property from a family home to an extraordinarily marketable asset.
They are the premier organization to keep buyers and sellers productive during the course of the move.
As the onsite liaison for busy clients, they skillfully take on the details of the move coordination.
They use tact and precision in their work, helping clients make sometimes tough decisions about their possessions. Changing Places operates at the highest level, are expert listeners and become an strategic partner on our team.”

Sotheby's MarinGregg Lynn
Sotheby’s International Realty

“Margaret and her whole crew at Changing Places are all terrific. They understand what agents need done with the houses we are being asked to see. They are Pros! Clients love them!”

Jay Costello
Compass Realtor

“It has been a great pleasure working with the Changing Places team. I think of them as our fairy godmothers and godfathers. They accomplish magic!.”

Jeanie Shaterian, San Francisco

“Changing Places rescued me and my family yet again! We first used their services ten years ago when we moved into our house. This year, we used it again after moving back home following a major renovation. Our house was a disaster, covered in boxes and dust, even in its new state. The Changing Places crew immediately started clearing the way and re-installing us back home. Not only do they move swiftly and efficiently but they make the most sense out of the disarray, coming up with easy solutions that are practical, too. I particularly love that they move at an accelerated pace — there is no lagging or dawdling — and yet they are incredibly careful (nothing was mislaid or broken). They all appear to truly enjoy what they’re doing. What could have been a horrendous experience — moving back in — ended up being a dream. I have had them come back a few more times to sort out areas that weren’t touched during the renovation, simply because their organizational skills are so superior that I wanted my entire house to be in the same shape. Thanks again Changing Places.”

Elizabeth Clark, San Francisco

“Changing Places has become an integral part of why luxury homes preparation plan for sellers. They are extraordinary at helping clients navigate the intricacies of a move. They make my clients happy and they make my job so much easier.”

Sotheby's MarinJanet Schindler
Sotheby’s International Realty

“Thank you so much for all the hard work Changing Places put into making our house look like a home! It was a joy to have your team bring your energy, enthusiasm and talent to our home. With gratitude and love, Victoria.”

Victoria Granucci, Marin County

“Katie, your team is the BEST to work with. I have loved everyone from Changing Places and have gotten so much accomplished in such a pleasant and efficient way.”

Heidi Hillenbrand, Mill Valley

“Changing Places is absolutely the best of the best and make what seems the impossible….possible with the least amount of stress and frustration you can imagine. They have a way about them that provides “TLC” to the most daunting tasks.”

Neal Ward
Compass Realtor

“Changing Places is ‘fabulous.'”

Jackie Safier

“Changing Places made my life easy. Your team did a fabulous job handling my move. Every time I open a drawer in my new apartment, everything is in the place I’d have put it myself – intuitively – but YOU did the work for me. The art was hung perfectly on the walls, and I’m just delighted in my new place. Thank you so much!”

Trudy Zimmerman, San Francisco

“Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done (or would do) without you.”

Judy Keyes, San Francisco

DeathtoStock_Simplify1“Thank you again for all of your help this past week. The entire move was smoother than anything I could have imagined and we are still in awe of how quickly you were able to get everything organized.

You and the entire team were a pleasure to work with and truly went above and beyond. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

A Marin county family of four who relocated from New York City.

“Please know that you folks saved my life–or at least my sanity.  Please thank everyone involved: working with them was one of the few bright spots in my ordeal.”

Erik Voss

Presidio“The Changing Places team were terrific. You exceeded all of our expectations. You can’t imagine what a dramatic impact you had on our lives.

After just 48 hours, you made our rental house feel like a home we want to stay for a very long time! I actually hope that isn’t true because I’d love an excuse to move again just so we can get the opportunity to see you!

Thank you again for making this whole experience one to write about. I’ll be singing your praises every time someone says, ‘I’m selling my house’.”

A very happy, and relieved, family in Presidio Heights

“Thank you so much, everyone! The house is looking beautiful, and I can’t believe how much you got done in such a short period of time. Can’t thank you enough.”

Jeff Lawson, San Francisco

“Changing Places helped make our move organized, smooth and as painless as a move can be. In preparation for the movers, they expertly helped us edit our home and streamline our move.

They were extraordinarily careful to protect the new house as we moved in. Their attention to detail was impressive: our daughter is a bibliophile, so it was very important to her that her books stayed in the same order on her shelves as in the old house. The Changing Places team handled those books – and all of our other books – with great care and they ended up just right.

Organizer Mary, who has three kids of her own, helped my teenage daughter edit and pack for college. Since we moved into our new house after our daughter had left for college, Mary helped unpack and put away my daughter’s room. She did a beautiful job, in large part because she had spent so much time with our daughter in the process.

Kelleigh, our project manager, did a wonderful job listening to our preferences and leading her team. Her staff all had good attitudes and a great work ethic. I can’t recommend Changing Places more enthusiastically!”

A delighted Telegraph Hill family

engelThe busy Engel family just moved from San Francisco to Marin County — here’s what they had to say about Changing Places:

“First, I wanted to let you know how incredible it was to work with the Changing Places team for our move. Janis, Pat, Mary, Alex and Beth were just fantastic.

I can’t quite believe how much we accomplished so quickly and importantly, I can’t believe how organized and put together our house was for our arrival Saturday morning. By Sunday evening, I was grilling…and knew where the grill equipment was located!”

Martin Engel, San Francisco

alcatraz“Our experience with Changing Places was calm, organized, and pleasant. They have lists of movers, consignment stores, auction houses, and charities, helping us dispose of a houseful of goods as we downsized to an apartment in San Francisco.

We were surprised at the speed and success of the various sales. Our Supervisor Beth recommended excellent movers. Having made several such moves previously, we can candidly state that this experience was the best. We would recommend Changing Places unreservedly.”

A recent down-sized client

gustavoChanging Places exceeded my expectations. They customized their services to meet my needs. Outstanding is not sufficient praise for what they accomplished.

The move entailed a major downsizing and owner Margaret Walsh made sure that the items I would not be taking were sold in an appropriate venue. Among other things, Margaret Walsh said that the proceeds from the items I sold would pay for Changing Places’ services and the cost of the move. Thus far I have netted more than double the cost of their services and the moving expenses. Moving is stressful—and moving from my home of 35 years was a staggering event. Changing Places made it smooth and successful. Their work reduced my stress enormously.”

Gustavo Serina, San Francisco, CA

“Our family moved from Tokyo to California a few years ago. The move was massively complicated; we had too many things, many of which were fragile. Changing Places, Inc. simplified the tasks, including organization of a storage unit. I recall thinking that the service was expensive, but it became crystal clear to me that Changing Places was worth every penny. So when we recently decided to return to Japan, I immediately called the people that I know and trust.

I am passionately devoted and grateful for the talent, expertise, discretion and professionalism of Changing Places.

Ann & John K., Tokyo

Kelsey-Hanson-photo “Moving is no small task…especially when you’re a personal assistant and you have to do it yourself! Luckily, our realtor referred us to Changing Places. Not only would I have not been able to get the gigantic job done, but the new house wouldn’t be even half as amazing as it is today. I am forever thankful.

I feel like in life you usually get attention to detail or speed. With Changing Places you get both. Each day I worked with them, I was so impressed by how many details they paid attention too while retaining it all and WHILE being so so speedy! It’s like they are some sort of angels. I was dreading this task, as it was a huge one and I can honestly say I had fun. That’s priceless!”

Kelsey Hanson, Personal Assistant
San Francisco, CA

petercoyoteletter“Changing Places took care of myriad details that I had never considered; brought a lovely team of people, each and every one of whom was helpful, courteous and to boot charming; and, to top it all off, charged about half of what I would have charged someone else for the amount of labor you expended.”

Peter Coyote, Actor
Marin County, CA
Letter From Our Client

ericcohler3“I engaged Margaret Walsh and the incredible team at Changing Places for a five-month job for one of my most important clients in San Francisco. They facilitated a complex and multifaceted move. They managed and oversaw multiple shipments to three homes, in the midst of a renovation job and more…Changing Places’ crew were flexible, professional and extremely easy to work with. They orchestrated a seamless move for my client, and also managed to make the process fun. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Eric Cohler, Eric Cohler Design
New York, NY

kay-and-don2“Margaret and Janis, I already miss you and your wisdom! Thank you and the team again so much for everything. The move went amazingly well…The mover was fabulous, your crew was amazing: fast, efficient, strong, and handled delicate things with care. No wonder you are the best in Marin!! Everyone we tell is amazed. We love our new home and are telling everyone about your services.”

Kay Carlson & Don McCartney, Sausalito

Kathy-Curtis“I have known Margaret Walsh and her company, Changing Places, since she moved to the Bay Area. Margaret and her team really understand what people relocating or downsizing need and the assistance they provide is first class. Changing Places is a very professional group of people and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them to companies as a service for their employees.”

Kathy Curtis, VP Client Services & Administration
The MI Group

BillO2“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Margaret and her team on many large projects for decades. While I’m sure Changing Places can do jobs of any size where they really shine are the very complex moves. As movers we tend to see only our part of the project; Changing Places sees where all the suppliers fit in so we’re never surprised.

If I have one thing to say about Margaret and her team, it’s that ‘they know how to keep everyone happy’.”

Bill Ottenweller, VP & Sales
Nor-Cal Moving

carolnie“Over the years, Changing Places has moved my family in and out of several residences, and every single one of these moves could not have been run more smoothly.

From organizing fifty years of household furniture, art, collectibles, clothing and the daily items of everyday life to reinstalling these possessions, the staff has performed with great enthusiasm, organizational skill, calmness and total professionalism – in the face of confusion on my part.

In my recent and very complex move, Margaret and her exceptional staff were instrumental in helping me to decide what to donate, give to my children, put in storage etc. I could never have accomplished this as effectively and efficiently without Changing Places. Two senior crew members flew to our new home in Idaho to organize the move-in. When I arrived a day after the delivery, every one of the 100+ boxes had been unpacked and either placed or laid out awaiting my input!

I enthusiastically recommend Changing Places for any local, national or international moving need that you might have.”

Carol Nie
Los Altos, CA
Letter From Our Client

sutro“I have never ceased being impressed with how well-organized, knowledgeable, efficient and thoughtful you and your crew have been throughout the somewhat daunting process of emptying the contents of my parents’ house.

There wasn’t a problem to which you didn’t have a solution. Your understanding and appreciation of what it means to clean out more than a century of family history reflected sensitivity and wisdom. Thank you and your crew so much for all this. You should indeed be proud of what you accomplished.”

The Honorable Judge John A. Sutro, Jr.

807-Francisco-House-Photo-1275”Margaret is simply the best. In fact, she is so good that we spent a week in Hawaii while she moved us into our new home! We came back to find everything immaculate. She is priceless.”

D. & M. R.
San Francisco

2214-Clay-st-photo1“Thank you to the entire crew for getting us moved in and settled so quickly and efficiently. We couldn’t be happier to have everything put away and have the house in a livable condition so soon after the move.

We even hosted a small dinner party last night…that’s a true testament to how easy you all made this for us.”

A busy family of four who moved to a new home in
Pacific Heights, San Francisco

Organizing Video“My experience with Changing Places changed my life! Yes, indeed. We’ve been here for 23 years and my kids dumped on me. And the attic was a mess.

We decided it was time to unload this house….”

Frank and Linda Paul, Palm Springs

thewongs2“We relocated from NYC to SF and we could not have done it without the help of Changing-Places and the top notch team of professionals.

They provided a distinctive, thoughtful, thorough and caring move experience that made our transition seamless and stress-free. Every single aspect of moving into our new place was taken care of.

Absolutely no detail was overlooked. We can not imagine moving again without the help of Changing-Places!”

Lawrence and Sherlene Wong

joshholmesI cannot imagine how I would be able to manage all of the complicated logistics of moving after the loss of my wife without the outstanding crew of Changing Places by my side.

Your team’s professional, kind, organized, responsive and thorough service is a gift for me during this crucial time in my life. I will continue to recommend Changing Places every chance I get.”

Josh Holmes, San Francisco

elizabethclarkandfamilyCreating easier ways to move….

“Using Margaret and Changing Places is the difference between getting your life back together in one week versus one year.”

Elizabeth Clark

alamoMargaret and her team accomplished in one day what would have taken us months. After they left our new house, we didn’t have any boxes left to unpack and our kitchens and closets were organized and functional. We can’t imagine moving without her.”

Jason & Molly
Alamo, CA

trenchardfamily“You and your team moved our family twice in the past two years — first across town, then out of the area — and both were the easiest and least-stressful moves we’ve ever done! Very early on, I saw the tremendous value in having you and your team assisting us. You anticipated so many details that could’ve turned into major stress, and had us sleeping in our own (perfectly made) beds that first night!

The second move was he biggest move we’ve made. With two children in preschool, an ongoing remodeling job on our new home, and an hour’s commute between homes, I never even considered NOT hiring you! You oversaw the entire job — from picking the best movers to making sure we all had a good laugh at the end of the day — and I couldn’t have done it without you and your amazing team!”

Bill, Stefanie, Cole, Amelia and Scholar (woof!)

LindaGalasso“Working with Margaret Walsh and her team at Changing-Places was a life-changing experience. The professionalism and care they provided was unprecedented. This was such a valuable investment in my life and future. My eight year old son said, “They took such good care of our things.” I will never again move without Changing Places.

Email can’t express my enthusiasm for what you do. You have saved my soul and forever changed my life. My gratitude can hardly fit in the confines of the regular world.”

Linda Galasso
Mill Valley, CA

6amygrady“Margaret was absolutely wonderful!

I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and it was 10 days before Christmas. I felt absolutely confident. She never made assumptions…. I knew that she would take care of everything. Because of Margaret, I had a no-stress Christmas! I have already referred her to my friend
and she said ‘Margaret was fabulous’.”

Amy Grady
San Francisco

londontower“Margaret was key in making our move significantly less stressful. She really came through on being reliable, trustworthy and delivered on many different asks with very little guidance.

She’s a pro and needs to be cloned!

D. & M. R.
London to San Francisco

KirkLee“You and your team made miracles happen. The amount of organizing, sorting, sending was staggering, but you made it look easy.

From moving coordination to shipping to charitable donations, then getting repairs handled, and staging the house for sale beautifully, all within our budget! You made everything work out. And with your help, we even had time to have our first baby in the midst of it all.”

The Lee Family
San Francisco to Arizona

DempsterFamily“Dear Margaret:

Our family sends you and your team a heartfelt “thank you” for moving us into our new home. With Changing Places’ assistance, you took every ounce of stress out of our move. I wish everyone could have such a delightful moving experience—too often we are too bogged down with the logistics and endless unpacking to actually “enjoy” moving let alone the new house. Your team, with it’s magic, had us cooking in our kitchen and sleeping in our beds the first night and completely unpacked within a couple of days!! Thanks to you we are settled and loving our new home.”

The Dempster Clan (Kim, Mark, Madison, Jack and Yoda (woof!)
San Francisco, CA

WoodsFamily“I cannot recommend Changing Places more highly. They are a professional, efficient and thorough group. What would have taken me weeks to complete they were able to accomplish in two days! I now have an orderly, clean and easy to maintain basement.

Since my first experience with Changing Places three years ago, I have had Margaret and her team return four times – to revamp rooms, reconfigure and redecorate my children’s play area, and reorganize my dining room, office and kitchen. Hire Changing Places! They are worth every penny!”

Annie Robinson Woods

ArleneMorris“It has been such a pleasure to work with Changing Places. We have worked with Margaret and her team twice in four years both in California and for our recent move to Charleston, SC. As the CEO of a public company, Margaret understood the level of service and polish we would require.

After the move, I was able to come home to a new space all done perfectly. My home has never been so organized and my need to deal with computers, TV’s and electronics was nonexistent. Margaret also organized repairs, closet installations, new appliances etc. It was wonderful not to have to deal with all the details and arrive home to perfection.”

Arlene Morris, Charleston, SC

maureenorth“Margaret Walsh and her trusty aide Lauran got me to purge through decades worth of papers and files in record time. They reorganized my garage, and went from third floor to basement to pare me down and considerable lighten my load figuratively and literally.

This is a gift! They do the work of three people.

Maureen Orth, Washington, DC

Front-hall-2“Margaret Walsh and her team from Changing Places saved our sanity when we downsized from a 4200 sq ft home we’d lived in for over 41 years to an 1100 sq ft apartment.

While I was in deer-caught-in-the-headlights mode, Margaret and her helpers organized us and coordinated the packing, found movers, auction houses, a storage unit, painters, floor refinishers and stagers to help us through a very stressful time. Then she unpacked everything and put it away in our new apartment.

We couldn’t have made this move without her. The fact that we survived the move relatively unscathed is evidence of her superb organizational skills, her deep experience in this kind of endeavor and her understanding of the emotions we all experience during a major lifestyle change. She has my highest recommendation.”

Nancy Coopersmith

beatk“Margaret Fearey Walsh and her team have twice come to my assistance. She moved me into a condominium in 2001, and I relied on her team to set everything up. It was a great experience.

In 2009, I was working internationally when the call from my realtor came that she had a buyer for that same condominium. I was busy overseas, so I agreed to the sale only on the condition that everything be packed up and shipped to me, turn-key-style.

When you are remote, you are completely at the mercy of your moving service, and one thing becomes key: Will the service really handle the overall project, soup-to-nuts, including unexpected items? Margaret and her team will.

So I called her up three days before the move was scheduled to occur, got a quote from her for an international move with a 40ft container, shipping one car with my household, and not only did she then have my household moved with the shortest notice, she also found an auctioneer who could sell my other cars. In addition, Margaret was more cost effective.

Thank you Margaret, and thanks to your team as well.”

Beat Knecht
Geneva, Switzerland
Letter From Our Client

elyse-dogMargaret and her expert staff took charge and organized all facets of a very complicated move for our family.

From the moment she and her staff entered our home, I knew we were in capable hands. Margaret and the Changing Places crew worked tirelessly and with great care and efficiency to ensure our move was smooth and stress free. Each and every member of the team contributed to an atmosphere of calm, organized efficiency. I hope we do not move again for many years, but if we do, we won’t be doing it without Margaret.”

Michael & Elyse O’Sullivan, Piedmont, CA

Ken-and-Meghan-Kurtzig-007“All I want for the Holidays is for Changing Places to come back and organize my house.”

Meghen, Arie and Ken Kurtzig, Mill Valley, CA

CynthiaJanneau“Moving our 10,000+sq ft family home in two different directions, one local and the other international, was an overwhelming task. Margaret and her incredibly efficient team were not only professional in their knowledge and organizational skills, but also patient and sympathetic to a situation that was both physically and emotionally exhausting. They knew how to adapt to ‘my’ very personal needs and genuinely cared about every aspect of the job. Everything was done quickly and efficiently and each and every helping hand carried a smile.

If you have to move, please call Margaret and her ‘dream team’…you won’t regret the investment!”

Cynthia Ford Janneau, Paris, France

Rosen“We are writing you to exclaim our joy and complete satisfaction in working with you to get our Kentfield home ready for sale.

You helped us see things that made our home bright, warm and attractive. The overall presentation was just excellent thanks to your insight and excellence. In short, you mobilized us for action and we recommend your services without qualification.”

Marty Rosen, Carmel, CA

ed-and-bambi“What you did and how you did it was extraordinary — your superb work on our behalf far exceeded any expectations we had.”

Ed & Bambi Schwartz, Point Reyes, CA
Letter From Our Client

samurai_01“In 55 years, I have moved 9 times, by myself. Never again!

If you are planning to move, Margaret Walsh, will perform miracles for you. Changing Places will eliminate sleepless nights of anguish over what to keep, what to toss, what to donate, and what to give to friends and family.”

Shirley B. Cahill
Marin to San Francisco
Letter From Our Client

lorrimccarthytn“Thank you. Thank you. When I brought my mother into her new home she just marveled at all that had been accomplished. Her clothes had been thoughtfully arranged in her closet, every towel and sheet put away in perfect order. The kitchen was set up to perfection; every piece of furniture had cushions on the feet and her enormous amount of china and silver was completely organized. It was utterly fantastic!”

Lori McCarthy, Palo Alto, CA
Letter From Our Client

1steve_ montoyaWith Changing Places, moving is no problem….

“My last move with my daughter was pure hell and I vowed not to move again unless I could hire Margaret. She understood my concerns and transformed my new house into a home in only a day and a half.”

Steve Montoya
Computer Solutions

JudgeConstine“You are patient, understanding and provide an outstanding staff of excellence. It was the one positive that made moving tolerable.”

Judge Donald Constine with his daughter Dana
San Francisco, CA

LisaLabon“Thank you for your incredible kindness and professionalism….

It is unfortunately quite rare to work with people like you. You have a gift for putting people at ease and getting them through one of life’s most stressful experiences. On top of that, you have an eye for order and a keen sense of detail. Nothing was overlooked in our move. I only made it because of you. And I will never move again without you.”

The Labons

RobinWright“I tell everyone about your wonderful services. If any of my friends can’t afford it, I advise them to take out a loan….”

Robin Wright, Actress, Los Angeles, CA

SandraSchoenbergMargaret and her team thought of everything for us and get
the job of moving done before we even knew it, making our new home even more lovely than the previous one.

Without Margaret and her team, we might still be unpacking in six months- they made it in two days!”

Sandra Schoenberg

3lindahothemYou had less than a full week to mobilize movers and packers to get out of our home in Kentfield…I never dreamed it could be done — but you pulled it off with a smile and a willingness that endeared you to me.

As a mother of two and a business owner, I had very little personal time to dedicate to you. You took charge, made good decisions and in the end made my life and this move incredibly smooth.”

Linda Hothem, Marin County, CA
Letter From Our Client

SusieLeupold“With four children, including a newborn, a cross-country
move was extremely daunting.

The Changing Places team assisted us in New Jersey with labeling, sorting and organizing the house for the movers. Margaret mocked up the new home plan for us, so we knew our furniture would fit perfectly in the new space.

With the help of Changing Places, we immediately felt settled and ready to get on with our lives when we arrived. It was a pleasure to work with Margaret and her team.”

Susan Leupold
New Jersey to San Francisco

provines“Changing Places is a true treasure of a company. They are people who really care. The team was able to organize the whole house as well as arrange all kinds of services to help us get ready to sell our home.

My father was a fireman and a brakeman for the Mt. Tamalpais Railroad and my family has resided in Mill Valley since 1916.”

Walter Provines

4bestbrucephotoThe easiest move we ever made….

“Margaret coordinated everything — all I had to do was pour a drink, watch TV and go to bed. And have everything in place. Three days — it was a miracle! If anyone is even thinking about moving, I tell them to go to Margaret.”

Bruce Hyman, Esq., San Francisco, CA
Letter From Our Client

900 square feet never looked so big….

“Margaret downsized my mother’s 3200′ home into a little museum apartment at The Ranch. The move would have been impossible without Changing Places. She knows what she’s doing — any move of any complexity — up or down.”

D.F., Esq.

5stacyerbandangusWith Changing Places, moving is no problem….

“I think of her as an Organizing Therapist. She got our whole lives organized, not just our sock drawer. Time is so important to Margaret that she doesn’t waste any of it.”

Stacy and Mike Salisbury, North Carolina

7janetaylorhorseanddogAt Changing Places, creating new life spaces with dignity and grace is our specialty….

“In a few hours, what Margaret brought me was peace of mind. She and her staff could and did identify the antiques. I had the utmost trust.”

Jane Taylor, San Francisco, CA

jennindra“I am going to owe Changing Places for the rest of my life!! The team made an office space for me in our converted garage/in-law unit and I love it so much!! They were BE-YOND amazing.

I feel like I am dreaming because it would have taken me years (well…it has!) to do what they did in a day and a half. I am so very thankful that our paths crossed. This experience will be life changing for us and I am so excited about our future!”

Jenn Indra, Stella & Dot stylist

Melissa-Miller-houseMargaret and her team are miracle workers. They are fast, efficient, caring and sensitive. I am completely settled into my new home thanks to them. I never would have been able to make this move without them.

They helped me go from closing up our family home to moving into my much smaller with just a few days help. Sorted through boxes, books, paperwork, photos and keepsakes, gently and securely–took a huge weight off my shoulders. And in the new house: Shelf paper in the kitchen and bath! Cabinets and closets perfectly organized! Everything has a place that makes sense. Thank You!”

Melissa Miller, Novato, CA

“We engaged Margaret Walsh to coordinate the remodel of a 5 bedroom home in July 2005…We were able to place the completed house on the market in the allotted time and realized 20% over the listed price. The math is recommendation enough but, additionally, Margaret was gracious, fair and efficient.

Pam and Jake Skaer
Peter H. Skaer Trust

“You had less than a full week to mobilize movers and packers to get out of our home in Kentfield…I never dreamed it could be done, but you pulled it off with a smile and a willingness that endeared you to me. As a mother of two and a business owner, I had very little personal time to dedicate to you. You took charge, made good decisions and in the end made my life and this move incredibly smooth.”

Linda Hothem
Bonanza Buildings

“I almost wish I had to keep moving so I could keep working with her!”

Barbara Marx Hubbard

“You make a real estate agent look good.”

Jan Minar
Pacific Union Real Estate Group

“You say your name is Margaret Walsh, but I know that the monogram really means Miracle Worker…!

You made room for every one of our prized possessions which required tearing down walls, turning a room into a walk-in closet, building a bay window (with storage under the seat) and changing our color décor totally…Please know that I do most enthusiastically recommend you to anyone moving across the street or
across the country.

Betsy Bliss Nicholls

“I am so grateful for the excellent service you all performed for me during my recent move. I have recommended your services to clients in the past, but now that I have experienced such a move firsthand I can only add ‘well done!’
You saved me weeks of moving agony — and left me ready to live well in my new abode.”

Carol Brooks, Realtor & Client, McGuire Real Estate, San Francisco

“Well I was BEYOND impressed!! Brenda and Steve were amazing!! I LOVED working with them!! So easy and so talented!! Would have taken me 10 years to do what they have done!!
You guys are the best!! THANK YOU!!”

Victoria Prendergast, San Francisco

“The experience with the team was outstanding in every way and fulfilled my highest expectations which were pretty high because of so many other glowing endorsements! Thank you thank you thank you.”

Kat Taylor, San Francisco

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