A Random Act of Kindness – Done in a day!

Our team volunteered their time and talents twice to assist a disabled senior. In the fall of 2023, the Changing Places team moved the client into a small apartment and not three months after settling in, the home flooded in the middle of the night due to a plumbing issue.

The flood caused mold growth and substantial damage and required a full move-out. For three uncertain weeks, our client lived with her cat in a local hotel while construction crews remediated the damage.

We volunteered our time again in January and swept in to help during this stressful second move-in. Our team didn’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves and get dirty to clear, re-organize and beautify her spaces. Within 11 hours, we worked in tandem with movers to her ensure her sweet apartment was properly cleaned, rearranged, and left perfectly functional.

Flooded Rooms

Empty Rooms

Organized Rooms

“Margaret Walsh is a miracle maker! She responded quickly to give disaster relief two days before Christmas. My sister is a disabled senior, and her apartment flooded, destroying the bedroom, bath and closet.

She was in trauma and was barely able to cope with moving to the hotel while the damage was repaired. Margaret and her team showed up immediately and worked with the movers to anticipate any issues.

They displayed amazing compassion for their client, my sister. CP’s personal attention to detail in a very complicated experience was an amazing gift. If that weren’t enough, after her move my sister forgot to turn on PG&E.

Margaret swept in and helped there, too. By the time the team left, everything was unboxed and placed beautifully! My sister so appreciates the new environment the team created.”

Kay Carlson, San Rafael, CA