Revitalizing a Historic Philadelphia Home

Changing Places was called to Margaret’s hometown of Philadelphia to help a longtime friend revitalize her home. With little information or good photos to work from, Margaret and veteran organizer Lauran swept in armed with solutions for this organizing project.

They expertly estimated the client’s storage and space optimizing needs and shipped products in advance. The work was intense, and day by day surfaces of tables emerged, piles of papers disappeared, crowded bookcases gave up their overflow, closets gained shelving, and the house began to breathe again. The basement, almost impenetrable after two decades as a dumping ground, was resurrected as a very tidy storage room.

Living Room


Dining Room


Guest Bedroom


“I am totally astonished by the stunning transformation that Margaret and Lauran made to my house in 4 ½ days! After 20 years in my house, I don’t think I had a single organized drawer or closet in my entire 3-story-with-basement building. I knew I needed serious help, and, believe me, I GOT IT! Miracles do happen, and on schedule!

I cannot fully express my gratitude to Margaret and Lauran for allowing me the chance to love my house once again and to appreciate its genuine charm that was being stifled.”

Sandy, Philadelphia, PA