Estate Resolutions

Planning an Estate Resolution before listing a home?

If your client is carrying out the responsibilities following the death of a loved one, or is the executor or trustee of an estate, Changing Places understands that the home clear-out process can be extremely stressful.

For a realtor, this can present a huge challenge. It is not easy to manage the logistics of a clear out and complicated family dynamics all while quickly trying to prep and list a home to sell.

Depending on the size of the estate and the owner’s belongings, an estate clear out can be a laborious and lengthy process. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of estate resolution services, aiming to take as much stress and overwhelm off our clients’ shoulders as possible, and in turn allow the realtor to do his/her job – get the home on the market.

This is where Changing Places comes in.

A typical estate property can be cleared within 2 weeks.

We believe in treating the estate and everything inside of it with care and respect. Our team is thorough, patient, and extra sensitive in the most delicate of situations. Just as important, we’ve handled hundreds of estate projects in our 29 years in business.

Changing Places will:

  • Sort and categorize all estate items
  • Create labeling systems and detailed photo inventories
  • Obtain appraisals on estate items
  • Orchestrate distribution of items to family
  • Coordinate the selling, donating, liquidation of estate items
  • Operate with the utmost integrity and discretion
  • Ensure that no items go to landfill unnecessarily

I have never ceased being impressed with how well-organized, knowledgeable, efficient and thoughtful you and your crew have been throughout the somewhat daunting process of emptying the contents of my parents’ house.

There wasn’t a problem to which you didn’t have a solution.”

The Honorable Judge John A. Sutro, Jr.     

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