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Before Your Client’s Move or Renovation, Consider the Functionality of their New Space

Form Meets Function.

Our experienced team of interior specialists know that moving or renovating is so much more than simply transferring your client’s belongings from one place to another.

A move or renovation is the perfect opportunity to elevate the function and flow of your client’s new home.

And Changing Places can help.

We all know that tailors can make our off-the-rack clothing bespoke. Consider Changing Places as your “home tailor” partner.

Bespoke storage spaces and organization can provide the function and flow in your client’s home that saves them precious time and energy and allows them to put their feet up and relax.

As we prep to customize your client’s interior storage spaces, our team will:

    • Take inventory of all your client’s belongings before they move
    • Make sure they only move the items that they really want to keep
    • Use our space planning skills to design the interior storage spaces of your client’s new home to fit their personal belongings efficiently and beautifully.

If brought into the building process early enough, our team will work directly with you, whether you’re a contractor, architect, or interior designer. We’ll provide architectural sketches that detail our suggested modifications. We partner with millworkers and make design recommendations for the closet build out. All of this is to ensure that your client’s closets and storage spaces function properly (as well as look beautiful!).

If we are brought in after construction, we will still provide recommendations for closet modifications and organizational products that better customize your client’s storage areas to suit their needs.

Done right, your client’s investment can take their home life to a new level of effortless organization and functionality. Whether it’s their gourmet kitchen and pantry, custom walk-in closet, mud room, or garage, we want your client’s home to perform in a way that works for how their family likes to live. 

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