Finding You Order, Peace of Mind & Beauty

Peace of Mind

Finding You Order, Peace of Mind & Beauty

As 2020 draws to a close, the Changing Places team reflects on the year that was. Gratitude is the first word that occurs to us. We’re grateful for our clients, partners, hard-working staff and our collective health.

We’re grateful for the very mission we serve: to create order, peace of mind and beauty. Throughout this difficult year, as we’re spending more time at home, it is so gratifying to help our clients make order out of clutter, simplify and beautify their homes.

In this issue, we offer solutions to some of the nagging items on your “home to-do list” and expert tips to create more space.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we also share how we gave back this fall – to victims of domestic violence.

We wish you and yours laughter, togetherness and peace in 2021.

With gratitude, Margaret, Katie & The Changing Places Team

One-Day Jump Start

Our Packages Make Organizing Easy

Did you know that it’s possible to hire Changing Places for one day? Tackle that organizing project that’s been nagging you all year. Now that we’re home more than ever, the house seems to talk to us:
“De-clutter that overflow closet!” or “Order the garage shelving you’ve been talking about!”

The One-Day Jump Start package is the perfect solution to address one or two areas of your home. Clients have recently hired us to:

  • Get kids ready for 2021 and distance learning
  • Build out and organize new garage shelving & containers
  • Refresh a room’s design
  • Teach household help like nannies & housekeepers how to maintain systems, fold and organize
  • Edit the entire house for consignment and donation–and arrange to have it hauled away!

Gararge Wall Storage

Create 25% More Space: Garage Edition

Did you know that only 30 percent of Americans store their cars in the garage? The reason? Too much stuff. Follow our pro tips to conquering the clutter in your home’s most usable space:

  1. Dedicate a whole day–or even a weekend–to the project.
  2. Set up folding tables and sort contents into 3 categories:
  3. Buy clear plastic bins for the keepers and label them by general categories:
  4. Invest in a durable shelving system and a label maker to clearly–and accessibly–organize your contents.
  5. Consider a slotted panel system for one or more walls.

Giving Back to Victims of Domestic Violence

In October, Changing Places had the unique opportunity to put our talents to work to support victims of domestic abuse. The non-profit organization Five Keys/Home Free is a program seeking to create residential communities in San Francisco and Los Angeles providing access to life skills and survivor empowerment programs, as well as training and job placement.

Through generous donations from CP friends and partners, we delivered everything from kitchen and bathroom necessities to hangers, closet organizing systems and office supplies. Our team of organizers unpacked and organized six Treasure Island apartments in preparation for formerly imprisoned women to re-start their lives. Visit Margaret’s Go Fund Me page for more information.


We’re grateful to work with incredible partners who make our work easier in stressful times. Throughout COVID, these companies are helping our clients move forward and thrive.

Garage Solutions
Transformation Geniuses

It’s a cluttered, stressful and chaotic world out there. In your garage, that is. Making that world a calm, cool and very collected place is their mission. Garage Solutions takes garage design to new heights and widths.

Bay Area Junk Alliance
The Junk Heroes

This family-owned Marin-based business lives our mission of avoiding the landfill on every project. Junk Alliance is a Certified Bay Area Green Business and makes efforts on every project to recycle, donate, re-purpose and re-use other people’s junk.

Bay Area Junk Alliance


Thanks so much for your hard work, and for all the prep that went into it! It was truly a pleasure working with you all!
Christie’s San Francisco

Thank you all so much for your assistance with this move – the crew were just great. It truly turned a very stressful move during a particularly stressful time into a much more manageable event…yet again. I’m so grateful.
A very relieved two-time San Francisco client


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