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Meet Kelleigh Aldridge

Meet Changing Places’ Project Manager, Kelleigh Aldridge

Our 25 years of success would not be possible without our amazing team. Kelleigh Aldridge has been a huge contributor in helping us preform miracles.

A longtime Marin resident, Kelleigh joined the Changing Places team in 2010. Through her previous work with Birch Circle Moving, she brings packing and moving expertise to the table. She is both a Personal Coach and a Professional Organizer, and also brings past volunteer work with disabled veterans, elders and children to the company, which benefits her Changing-Places clients.

Here is a recent job Kelleigh finished on a Saturday night at 10:00 PM in Saratoga. She made magic happen!

Before                                                                After

Senior Downsizing Project in San Francisco

Changing Places makes magic happen!

Project Description:

  • Changing Places moved an older gentleman from a 2,800 Sq Ft home into a 600 Sq Ft apartment in the San Francisco Towers.
  • Our team was able to sell some of our client’s antiques at auction to help eliminate clutter while helping him downsize.
  • The funds made from selling the antiques at auction paid for our client’s entire move plus our services!
  • Our team mapped a floor plan before the move and helped to design our client’s new apartment.
  • Changing Places provided our client with the opportunity to come out and be creative with a little space that he has chosen to spend the next chapter of his life.

Our client’s previous home.  Our team was able to sell some of our client’s antiques at auction while we were helping him downsize.  The funds from the sale of the antiques netted more than double the cost of our services and the moving expenses!


Our client’s new apartment in the San Francisco Towers.  An old life replaced by a very fun new one! A fresh start with vibrant colors.

“Changing Places exceeded my expectations. They customized their services to meet my needs. Outstanding is not sufficient praise for what they accomplished.

The move entailed a major downsizing and owner Margaret Walsh made sure that the items I would not be taking were sold in an appropriate venue. Among other things, Margaret Walsh said that the proceeds from the items I sold would pay for Changing Places’ services and the cost of the move. Thus far I have netted more than double the cost of their services and the moving expenses. Moving is stressful—and moving from my home of 35 years was a staggering event. Changing Places made it smooth and successful. Their work reduced my stress enormously.”

Gustavo Serina, San Francisco, CA